Food Corporation of India
Headquarters:New Delhi


Sl.No Circular No/File No/Date Subject
1 WRC/1/1/2008/Vol.IV /WR-09-2010-01 dated 5th January, 2010. Grant of the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4600 in the pay band PB-2 to posts that existed in the pre-revised scale of Rs.6500-10500 as on 01.01.2006 and which were granted the normal replacement pay structure of grade pay of Rs.4200 in the pay band PB-2.
2 WRC/1(1)/2009./WR-09-2010-02 dated 14th January,2010. Revision of Scales of pay and allowances in respect of Executives under IDA pattern w.e.f. 01.01.2007 clarifications.
3 EP-21-2010-01 Dated 01.01.2010 Acceptance of Caste Certificate produced by the candidates –reg.
4 EP-05-2010-02 Dated 18.01.2010 Regulation 70 and 74(3) of FCI (Staff) Regulations, 1971 – Limitation Period…reg.
5 EP-09-2010-03 Dated 05.03.2010 Encashment of Half Pay Leave at the time of Superannuation.
6 WRC/17(1)/2008/WR-11-2010-08 Dated 29.04.10 Payment of Dearness Allowance to all employees including Executives Governed by IDA pattern scales of pay at revised rate effective from 01.04.2010.
7 No.WRC/1/2/2009Circular No. WR -09- 2010-10Dated : 15th June, 2010 Revision of Scales of Pay and Allowances for Cat. III & IV employees on IDA Pattern w.e.f.01.01.2007 clarifications
8 No.WRC/32(1)/2007/Vol.II Dated: 23rd June, 2010 Instructions to release PLI payment for the Year 2007-08
9 No. WRC/39/(1)/2009 Circular No. WR-08-2010-11 dated 25th June, 2010 Implementation of revised pay structure to the FCI employees under CDA scales of pay w.e.f. 01.01.2006- clarification thereof
10 No Vig.2(3)/2010-Pt Dated 25th June,2010 Tendering Process- Negotiation with L-1

EP-09-2010-07 / EP-17(1)2010 / 05.04.2010

Grant of additional increments to Managers on CDA pattern of pay scales on completion of 3/6 years of service – Revision of stages in revised CDA Scales of Pay effective from 01.01.2006.

EP-13-2010-08 / EP-19(1)08 / 19.04.2010

Expenditure Management – Economy Measures and Rationalisation of Expenditure.
13. EP-10-2010-09 / EP.18(1)/2002 (Part) / 05.05.2010 Regulation of journey by private Air while availing Leave Travel – clarification regarding

EP-10-2010-10 / EP-18(1)2002 / 10.05.2010

CCS(LTC) Rules, 1988 – Relaxation for travel by Air to visit NER.

EP-05-2010-11 / EP-36(1)2000 / 11.05.2010

Administrative guidelines for expeditious and transparent disposal of disciplinary/vigilance cases- regarding.

EP-02-2010-12 / EP.4(1)/2006 / 14.05.2010

Maintenance and preparation of Annual Performance Assessment Reports – communication of all entries for fairness and transparency in public administration – regarding.

EP-01-2010-13 / EP-1(1)2009 / 14.05.2010

Amendment in FCI (Staff) Regulations, 1971.

EP-04-2010-14 / EP-38(1)98 / 17.05.2010

Grant of Special Casual Leave to the FCI employees with disabilities as defined in the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995.

EP-08-2010-15 / EP.39(4)/98 / 28.05.2010

Amendment in Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 – Reg.

EP-10-2010-16 / EP-18(1)2002 / 02.07.2010

CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 – Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K.

EP-22-2010-17 / EP-11(1)2010 / 15.07.2010

Holidays to be observed in the Offices of the Corporation during the year 2011
22. EP-12-2010-18 / EP.43(3)/2010 / 15.07.2010 Scheme for reimbursement of expenses incurred on diagnostic tests for the Category III & IV employees on IDA pattern of pay scales.

EP-12-2010-19 / EP-43(5)2010 / 30.07.2010

Revised entitlement of room accommodation for the Indoor treatment to FCI beneficiaries under Direct Payment System on revision of Pay scales.

EP-01-2010-20 / EP-1(1)2010 / 16.08.2010

Amendment in FCI (Staff) regulations, 1971 regarding procedure to be adopted for direct recruitment in the FCI.

EP-01-2010-21 / EP-1 (2)2010 / 03.08.2010

Amendment in FCI (Staff) regulations, 1971 regarding prescribing Computer Qualification in the recruitment rules for Cat.III entry level posts and also educational Qualification for direct recruitment quota in the recruitment rules for the post of Assistant General Manager (Movt.).
26 EP-08-2010-22 / EP.39(5)/2010 / 19.08.2010 Employees Pension Scheme, 1995.

EP-17-2010-23 / EP-34(1)2010 / 31.08.2010

Eligibility criteria for purchase of Motorcar/ Scooter/Moped/Bicycle by the employees of the Corporation.
28. No.WRC/17/4/2009/WR-09-2010-13/04/10/2010 Revision of Allowances/Perks in respect of the Executives on IDA pattern of pay scales
29. No.WRC/32(1)/2007/ VOL .II   dated 11.10.2010      Instructions to release PLI payment and undertaking
30. No.Vig.2(7) 2010/Cir-86/dated 20/10/2010 Procedure/policy for handling complaints.

EP-10-2010-24 / EP-18(1)2002 / 07.09.2010

Regulation of journeys by private airlines while availing Leave Travel Concession to Jammu & Kashmir.
32. EP-21-2010-25 / EP-37(1)99-Vol.II / 08.09.2010 Reservation in allotment of FCI residential accommodation to SC/ST employees of the Corporation
33. EP-21-2010-26 / EP.5(1)/97 / 08.09.2010 Seniority of SC/ST officers/officials on promotion by virtue of rule of Reservation Roster
34. EP-21-2010-27 / EP-37(1)99-Vol.II / 08.09.2010 Action against Employees of FCI who get      appointment on the basis of false SC/ST/OBC Certificate – reg
35. EP-10-2010-28 / EP-18(1)2002Pt. / 20.09.2010 Clarification regarding re-imbursement of LTC    80 fare.
36. EP-49-2010-29 / EP-49(1)2010 / 04.10.2010 Disclosure of movement/tour details of the officers/officials working in the Vigilance department of FCI
37. EP-04-2010-30 / EP-38(1)2010 / 12.10.2010 Child Care Leave (CCL) in respect of Corporation Employees clarifications -regarding
38. EP-15-2010-31 / EP-17(1)93Vol.IV / 04.10.2010 Enhancement of rental ceiling for leased residential accommodation (including the system of self lease) to the Executives of the Corporation
39. No. RTI/3 (2)/10 - 11/566/ dated 06/09.12.2010 RTI applications received by a Public Authority regarding information concerning other Public Authorities
40. EP-24-2010-35 / EP.42 (1)/94 / dated 20.12.2010 Amendment in the FCI Group Insurance Scheme introduced during 1980 for the employees of the Corporation
41. NO. VIG.2(7)/2010/dated 14.12.2010 Central Vigilance Commission’s instructions require completion of disciplinary proceedings under major and minor penalty within six months and three months respectively